Sprouts are up

The peas came up days ago, and are now lush and lovely looking. And finally, today, I spotted the tiniest seedlings of what I hope is lettuce. Of course germination times vary from one vegetable to another, but it also got me wondering if the peas sprouted so early because they’re local, fresher seeds that I dried myself here, rather than the others which were from commercial seed packets that I’d purchased years ago while in the US and England. I’ll have to research that. But something simple, local and Nepali working better is an idea that makes me happy. A potato has also sprouted, and in the back of the house by the two avocado seedlings, I just planted basil, round zucchini, green beans, and a few other vegetables that I can’t remember at the moment. I’ve also begun planting out bits of mint from my pot in a border back there that’s too thin to grow much in. It’s so tiny that only weeds flourish there. Mint has the honour of being able to grow like a weed, and also, you can never have too much mint.


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  1. katrina says:

    Awesome Evangeline! I agree with trying to grow the locally adapted seeds, I would think they would work out a lot better.I brought seeds from the States to the Philippines, while they grew, the yields weren’t worth my time. On the other hand I grew a forest of papaya trees from papayas we had eaten and they were flowering by the time I left. I was able to gift them to our neighbors. Good luck with your garden! Isn’t it a therapeutic hobby?

  2. Evangeline Neve says:

    It certainly is therapeutic, Katrina; I find it the perfect way to unwind when getting home after a busy day. I’ve never grown papaya trees (though I have a crop of avocado saplings) but there is one in my garden here. The avocado and guava trees that I have in pots are all ones I’ve grown from seed; I find there’s something wonderfully satisfying about growing trees from scratch, though I’ve heard that certain varieties don’t fruit as well. Let’s see; mine are still young as yet. And the new sprouts from the vegetables keep popping up…

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