Evangeline Neve has been on the move from a young age, living in an impressive number of countries, including Italy, France, England, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania. In 1996 she moved to Nepal to help with a volunteer project and never left. She still helps at a home that provides education and a safe living space for displaced girls.

Evangeline has written for a number of publications on a wide array of topics that include Nepal, travel, food, family and cats. Her articles can be found in Roads & Kingdoms, Cat Fancy, The Billfold, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Shangri-La Airlines Inflight Magazine, Overland Mag, ECS Nepal, and more. Evangeline is currently the Associate Editor at ECS Nepal, overseeing the magazine’s editorial content. She lives in Kathmandu and loves to travel, cook and eat; though these days you will most often find her curled up at home with a good book and a cat on her lap.

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