Down an alley in Kathmandu…

Today I had the wonderful experience of discovering a tiny, lovely piece of Kathmandu I’d never seen before–thanks to someone who’s been here just months. When I met a friend for lunch, she took me down an alley which I’d seen but never entered; it opened up into a small courtyard rimmed with eateries and shops. Up some steps was Phat Khat, a small restaurant with friendly staff, good food, and wonderful wooden tables (something I notice). Half of the tables are on their outside balcony, where an overhanging tree makes you feel as if you’ve just climbed up a treehouse and are now sitting up there looking down at the world. We enjoyed the spinach and cheese mo:mo, as well as the chicken variety, with cold local Gorkha beer. The spinach and cheese, a recommendation from my friend who’d had it before, was definitely a winner.

I kept thinking how many things I have yet to discover in Nepal, even after all these years, and how great it is to be introduced to something by someone seeing the city through new eyes.

Thank you, Christina!


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