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2022 here we come, here we are

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2021 is the first year since I started this website that I did not update it at all. I kept meaning to…and then I didn’t; in fact I nearly rushed through a post in the final gasps of the year just to have done it, but again, I didn’t.

In 2020 I had two pieces published—in the Sewanee Review and The Counter—that I was really proud of. In 2021, I kept myself afloat with my wordsmithery, but it was for other people, to pay my bills. I’m grateful that I was able to do that, and I know I am luckier than so many, but this year I’d like to find way to do both the necessary and the creative. I don’t even need to publish it. I do need to write it.

ECS Nepal in 2018

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This year, like last, I’ve written multiple articles each month for ECS Nepal and our sister publications. Here are some of the ones I most enjoyed researching and writing, plus a few that generated some buzz. A surprising number have been interviews, which I seem to have done a lot more of this year.

A young innovative chef trying to reinvent local cuisine Feb 2018

Meeting a pioneer of Patan’s traditional homestay movement March 2018

A really enjoyable interview with ultra-runner Lizzy Hawker April 2018

Interview with the new head of WWF Nepal  May 2018

The cool mix of traditional and modern that is Metalwork May 2018



I wrote an article about football

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Delighted to have an article published at Unusual Efforts – it’s aptly titled (not by me, but a great title!) What’s an Italy fan in football-mad Nepal to do during the World Cup?

In an unusual bit of serendipity, the editor’s choice to put it up today coincides with the 15th anniversary of my mother’s death. While she was not a football fan as such, she was half Italian and it was my childhood spent in Italy with her that cultivated my love of all things Italian, which as you can see, continues to this day.


Just off Freak Street (Jochhen Tole), a building well prepared for the World Cup

ECS Nepal in 2017

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Since joining ECS Nepal as editor in January of 2017, I’ve done a lot more writing for the magazine, rather too much to post it all here. When I have time, though, I’ll still be linking to work published – like the article below, one of my recent favourites.

Meeting a fascinating traditional medicine man, found here

About a favorite local soup, here

Celebrating Thamel

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Yesterday a hundred and fifty or so people gathered in the newly opened Fairfield Marriott for the launch of ECS’s May Issue – a special one all about Thamel. It turned out to be a wonderfully fluid and animated event. Speakers included Fire And Ice’s Anna Maria Forgione, Karna Shakya from Kathmandu Guest House, and Akur Narsingh Rana, born in Thamel and now 89 years of age. They shared their memories and thoughts on what Thamel means to them–a little bit of living history.


Learning something new every day…

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ECS Nepal 185 Cover

This month’s issue is all about local methods of traditional healing, Ayurveda, herbal remedies and related issues.

Do you know what Ayurveda is? Well, I didn’t either – till I read this: Ayurveda: A Beginner’s Overview

Still not sure I get it completely, but 🙂

And I loved the travel piece by Jeremy Vestal about his trip to Jumla: Go West! Adventure Awaits!

The articles I personally enjoyed working on most were Nepali Medicine Man – which was just amazing, to see something that to me was right out of the past so fully alive today – and Wonders out of Waste, about two awesome sisters who run a paper recycling business.