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ECS Nepal in 2018

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This year, like last, I’ve written multiple articles each month for ECS Nepal and our sister publications. Here are some of the ones I most enjoyed researching and writing, plus a few that generated some buzz. A surprising number have been interviews, which I seem to have done a lot more of this year.

A young innovative chef trying to reinvent local cuisine Feb 2018

Meeting a pioneer of Patan’s traditional homestay movement March 2018

A really enjoyable interview with ultra-runner Lizzy Hawker April 2018

Interview with the new head of WWF Nepal  May 2018

The cool mix of traditional and modern that is Metalwork May 2018



Wild about Wings

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Anyone who knows me well has heard me tell of my love for chicken wings. Sadly, the places that served my favourite chicken wings have closed in the last few years, the buildings they were housed in victims of the earthquake or road enlargement work. So I’m looking for new favourites, and while doing research for an article I found myself in the picturesque courtyard of the DaLai-La hotel in Thamel having a single malt at their wonderfully named bar, Liquid Happiness. I sat and observed the goings on, interspersed with reading Rabi Thapa’s new book, Thamel: Dark Star of Kathmandu, also for an upcoming article. Liquid Happiness has a great bar snacks menu, and of course I went for the chicken wings with house sauce.

Are they my new favourites? No, but they’re pretty darn good. The only thing keeping me from making this place a habit is the price tag – in my case, it’s more special occasion than daily pit-stop. Still, highly recommended for great atmosphere, convivial staff, and excellent food and drink.