Kathmandu’s Custom Cake Makers

Friday Issue 163

April 2013

Cakes! From the simplest of ingredients—a little bit of flour, sugar, oil or butter, a few eggs (or a substitute), a rising agent, plus the flavoring of your choice. With these ingredients that can be found in almost any home, a miraculous alchemy transforms them into something so much greater than the sum of its parts: cake.

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A Winter’s Treat

ECS Nepal

January 2013

The weather’s getting colder, and people’s minds are turning to hearty, warming winter fare. There’s another kind of winter food though, special because it is made only in the cold season. It’s also exceptional in that it takes a full day’s work to make, and then a whole night to set. I am speaking of course of the Newari specialties takha: and sanyakhunya.

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Sustainable Solutions

ECS Nepal

January 2012

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Sustainable Solutions.pdf

Ghosts on Everest

ECS Nepal

March 2011

As I walked along the edge of the hill lonely and desolate, I saw a line of rock formations, man-made. Then more. Then metal plaques attached to huge rocks. I bent over and began to read. Lives I had never heard of. Some had died here, mountaineering or even just trekking. Others had once climbed here and died elsewhere, but this spot had been chosen to commemorate them.

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A True Canadian!

Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada


Shangri-La Airlines Inflight Magazine

Shangri-La Airlines Inflight Magazine

July-Sept 2010 Issue

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